The Everstriking Sword

weapon (melee)

The Everstriking sword was forged long ago by a long since dead people. Some say it is cursed, for all of its previous wielders have died in battle with it. This shining bronze short sword, possesses a faint aura of glowing light. When used in battle, the Everstriking sword never misses, and does 1d8+1 damage.

Special rule: The wielder of the Everstriking Sword will roll attacks as usual. If the attack roll would normally hit the opponent’s AC, nothing special happens. If the attack would miss, it hits anyway, but the sword drains a number of hit points equal to the difference from the attack total, and the opponents AC.

For example, if the attacker’s attack total was 12 and the AC of his opponent was 15, the attacker will hit his opponent and in the process will loose 15-12 = 3 hit points.


The Everstriking Sword

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